Introspective. Edgy. Honest.

Alex Winters is a rock/pop artist based out of Georgetown, TX. Her clean vocals, backed by dark and dreamy guitars, elicit the gothic feel of Evanescence with the sultry essence of Grace Potter. The songs she writes often speak of the yin and yang of love. From haunting memories that sting of love lost to the heights of cloud nine when falling in love, she weaves you through relationships beginnings and endings with tales of loves lost and loves found.

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Alex Winters @ Alex & Fred at Marshall's Tavern

Alex & Fred at Marshall's Tavern, Austin, TX

Fred and I will be doing our thang at Marshall's Tavern! We perform a great mix of Texas songwriters, classic rock, country, and even a few originals!

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11 Things You Should Know About Me 

  1. I grew up in Washington State and spent equal amounts of time on the West side and the East side of the Cascade Mountains. 
  2. My favorite subjects in school were English, Creative Writing, and Religious Studies. 
  3. I wish I knew more about Quantum Physics and Space 
  4. I am usually tired from stressing myself out about absolutely everything and nothing 
  5. My favorite dessert is Tiramisu 
  6. My most used app is probably Facebook Messenger or Evernote 
  7. Instruments I play: Guitar, sing, write my own…

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Black Roses

Alex Winters

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The latest release. A rock focused album with a hint of southern soul.

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  1. 1 Black Roses 04:37 Lyrics
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  2. 2 Until You Come Around 04:02 Lyrics
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  3. 3 Stay 04:26 Lyrics
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  4. 4 You Rescued Me 03:48 Lyrics
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  5. 5 Alone 03:31 Lyrics
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