11 Things You Should Know About Me

  1. I grew up in Washington State and spent equal amounts of time on the West side and the East side of the Cascade Mountains. 
  2. My favorite subjects in school were English, Creative Writing, and Religious Studies. 
  3. I wish I knew more about Quantum Physics and Space 
  4. I am usually tired from stressing myself out about absolutely everything and nothing 
  5. My favorite dessert is Tiramisu 
  6. My most used app is probably Facebook Messenger or Evernote 
  7. Instruments I play: Guitar, sing, write my own songs, I’ve been known to also pick up the bass guitar on occasion, and I got a ukulele for Christmas so I’ve been having fun playing around with that. I can also whistle and play the microwave (it’s all in the timing). 
  8. I started making music when I was 12. I was already writing poetry pretty heavily by then and when my grandmother gave me my first guitar, it seemed natural to try and put my prose to music. 
  9. My biggest musical influences are Sarah McLachlan, Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Sheryl Crow, Michelle Branch, Incubus, Tool, Eve 6, and loads of 80s and 90s artists/bands. 
  10. People should listen to my music because it will make them feel less alone. I’ve been through a lot in my life, and in my music I try to write myself out of the bad situations I’ve been through. I hope that people can find the lyrics relatable, and the music listenable. 
  11. What should you listen to first? I would suggest You Rescued Me as your first taste, then I would listen to Stay. After that you choose your own adventure. :)

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