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Last night’s gig at Grape Creek Vineyard in Georgetown was awesome, started out a little warm and muggy, but it cooled off nicely. My friend Victor Bustos joined me for most of the show as well, which is always a welcome treat for me.

It was a little rough at first vocally due to the humidity, but I got into a groove after a bit. It’s like it cuts off all of my lower range - but once I figured that out, I just tried to raise the songs up a bit and then I was ok. If anyone reading this has any tips for that, I would love to hear them. I tried water, wine, more water, more wine, nothing seemed to do the trick. ;)

At the beginning of my second set, a couple on their hog came and parked in the alley off to the side of the stage. I waved at them and asked if they were there to hear me play, and they said they were so I played a song to them. After the song ended, I gave them a proper rock star jump ending, they started up their bike and rode off into the sunset. I thought that was pretty bad ass!

I also got to break out my joke book and share a few new jokes with the audience. The new material seemed to go pretty well. For example: Why did the strawberry need a lawyer? Because it was in a jam! Which was followed by the entire crowd “aw” ing me. Silly, silly fun.

After the show I got to head over to see Victor play in his band Rotel and The Hot Tomatoes. They’re kind of a big deal around Austin - they play some pretty big events like at the Spurs games. They have a horn section, and the three ladies that sing dress up in full consumes and have amazing voices and fun choreography. The picture is of us during one of their breaks. We just had to have a tequila shot (I take mine chilled and dressed, with lemon)...

In other news, I was interviewed by one of my fellow GoGirls, Solveig Whittle, about my recent Concert Window performance. You can read about that here. If you’re a musician and are thinking about doing this, DO IT. It’s so easy, and the best part is you don’t have to haul your gear anywhere! Just set up in your house and go! Here’s the link to get you started: Also, if you were one of the attendees and I haven’t touched base with you yet, I would love to hear your thoughts! It was my first time doing something like that so I appreciate any feedback you have for me.

Lady Indie Music Blog also did a really nice artist feature write-up on me this month, you can check that out here.

Well that’s all for now, folks! Until next time… Keep your hat close and your mustache closer!


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  • Dale Swift

    Dale Swift Cottage Grove WI

    I love the jam joke.

    I love the jam joke.

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