It's The Little Things

I stopped today to let a car into traffic as I often do, and I was thinking about how little acts of kindness can really make a big impact on the kind of day I have. If you’ve ever been driving around Hawaii, you probably noticed that a lot of drivers do this - even when there are no other cars on the road. They just stop and let you through. It’s like a thing. I loved that, and so I started to try and make an effort to let people in whenever I could. Not like on the continent where you typically have to scratch and claw your way into traffic. This line of thinking lead me back to the first time I bought groceries after I moved here to TX. I was walking up to the cash register and the person in front of me looked back, saw me coming, and put the little separator on the conveyor belt out for me. I remember thinking that was so thoughtful! Such a little thing, but it made me feel good, special even, and I immediately started doing that from that day forward. Now it’s just something that I do. I didn’t know that was a thing here, I just thought how nice it was for someone to do that for me. That thought led me to wonder if there were other types of these small gestures other places in the states and even in the world. I would love to adopt more of these things into my life so that I can maybe help make someone else feel a little special during the course of their day. 

If you’re reading this, I would love to know if there’s some little gesture of kindness that you do or that you’ve had done to you that made you feel nice. Please tell us all about it in the comments!

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