What I Like To Do In My Spare Time

My work is typically very event driven, so it’s hard to explore in the evenings or weekends when I might be gigging Thursday - Sunday. But when I do have some time I love to do and try different things. Mix it up, if you will. One of my favorites is to escape into a good video game. I especially love games from Bethesda like Elder Scrolls and Fallout where you can explore endlessly and you don’t have to worry so much about completing any particular thing in any particular order. Tomb Raider is another of my absolute favorites. Laura Croft is hottie with a British accent, and a total bad ass to boot. What’s not to like? I’m currently playing Elder Scrolls Online when my internet connection will allow (I live in BFE so it’s not always good enough for me to play online games) and when it doesn’t, I have been going through the Uncharted series, which is a lot like Tomb Raider minus the strong female lead. Although Elena can certainly hold her own in a fight. Sometimes, I dive into learning something new. Like when I taught myself Photoshop. That took two years worth of my spare time, but now I can pretty much do anything I need. Definitely worth the time investment. I have also been known to indulge in the occasional Netflix/DVR binge. My last binge was Vampire Diaries. A series I started watching from the beginning but then got bored with the format so I put it aside. Once the series wrapped up I decided to go back and finish it. Next will be the Originals.  When the weather is juuust right, I’ll take my Victory Vegas 8 Ball out and give her a spin. There’s just something about being on a motorcycle that can clear your head like nothing else in existence. It’s fun and scary and very liberating. Sometimes I sew or crochet, sometimes I try a new craft such as making home made books or bath bombs. Lately, I’ve on a quest of self discovery to answer the question: what the eff am I doing with my life? I think it’s good that we ask ourselves questions like that every now and again to make sure we’re spending our time and energy in a way that makes us feel satisfied with our time on this Earth. 

What about you? What obsessions do you explore in your free time?

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